Vanira Lodge Tahiti
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Nature Bungalows

Open onto the outside world so you can live in harmony with nature.

Connected to your inner Robinson Crusoe? Choose the Nature “Fare” MAARA, KAVA, or OFAI.
Two of them are on stilts, with wide open balconies and a Polynesian roof in the shape of a turtle shell. These are Vanira Lodge’s signature “fare”, also known as Sculpture “fare”, with respect to the careful aesthetic research that went into their conception. In the spirit of tree-houses, only a lot more luxurious!


Set right on the edge of the forest and resting on stilts, this “fare” seems to have been built up in the trees. Inside, wood also prevails. The floor is made of Kohu wood, the sink is in the shape of an “umete” (1), the doors and shelves are made of rough-hewn planks, and the furniture is made of branches that were simply barked and knotted, with a dash of color here and there provided by blue soji and bright “tifaifai” (2). For three persons and a child (under 10). A double bed on the mezzanine and two single beds in the main room. Kitchen, and a bathroom with hot water.
(1) Traditional Polynesian wooden dish
(2) Patchwork quilt

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Built out of the same materials as MAARA, this bungalow immediately carries us into a universe halfway between the tree house of our childhood dreams and the exoticism of a tropical house. The layout of its spacious interior is perfect for a family. For 4 persons. One double bed on the mezzanine, and two single beds in the main room. Kitchen, and a bathroom with hot water.

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Wide open onto the surrounding nature, this “fare” overlooks the whole site with views of both the ocean and the park. Besides the main room, its three levels offer two bedrooms, one of which forms an alcove. The curved walls, the river stone façades, and the bathroom’s stunning coral ceiling create a mineral atmosphere, softened by the wooden doors and crowned by the turtle shell shaped roof. For 5 persons. Two double beds, one of which is in a separate bedroom. One single bed. Kitchen, and private garden with a stone barbecue. Bathroom with hot water.

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